2 3 Hari ini

Sudah 2 3 hari aku belum masuk tandas untuk hajat besar. Memang hebat aku rasa. Jika di bandingkan perut aku 2 3 tahun dahuluu dengan sekarang pasti banyak perbezaan. Kalau dulu lebih kepada papan lapis sekarang lebih kepada tong gas. Kalau dulu orang panggil bambu sekarang orang panggil balak.

Aku reka-reka cerita sebenarnya. Sebenarnya sudah 2 3 hari aku tidak masuk tandas buat hajat besar. Perut pun makin jadi. Jemputan kawin sana sini.



Baca dulu bawah ni.

Dear M,

I know my mail will come as a surprise to you but with all honesty from a sincere heart for your assistance.
I write to intimate you of a matter that requires an urgent attention. But briefly, I am Azam Othman Essah, 25 yrs old of age the first son of late Dr Othman Essah he was the chairman/CEO of the Sierra-Leone national Gold & Diamond Mining Corporation.
It is my pleasure communicating with you for the first time and believing that it will lead to a better relationship between us. I also hope you will not impede this trust and confidence I repose in you.
I send this letter from Abidjan in Cote d'Ivoire where I have an official refugee status with my mother after leaving our country due to an event that took place on February 2008 which led to the arrest and detention of my father and six other men after a face off with the Sierra-Leone government on allegation of subversive activities and treasonable offenses
which was nothing but a mere political persecution.
After five months in the military detention camp my father was announced dead by the government special press release. Though I do not know to what extent you are familiar with the event and crisis in Sierra-Leone, however during the disturbance and prior to my father's death he gave my mother all the documents for the secret deposit he made in a safe storage company in Abidjan. The deposit is (260 kgs of native alluvial gold dust concentrate)and money, but this was deposited as personal effect.(for security reasons)
However I have gone to the storage company to confirm the deposit and establish ownership, please I need your assistance urgently in moving this gold abroad for sale and investment arrangement, then when it is properly secured we will jointly invest in any business you consider profitable.
I will be glad for your resolved assistance, I will kindly appreciate if we can talk and emerge words with action. With all honesty to the stated data in my message,i assure you of the genuity of this proposal. I will particularly be happy if you can handle this transaction in the most confidential manner since the rest of my life solely depends on this Assets.
It is the fear of betrayal from anyone around us here that confirms my decision to contact a neutral individual like you, and I want you to educate me on investment potential in your country since I would not like to invest nor stay in any of the African country,except otherwise.
I will not hesitate to give you 20% or negotiable for your assistance. So if you will be able to assist me, please do urgently reply me for further clarification and confirmation and in order to stop further contacts.
Please if you can conclude all your necessary arrangement and come down because we are very worried and i want you to understand that if we get a Lawyer here the whole process will not take more than 5 working days from the day you arrive.
We can also talk to the company to assist to give you a visiting VISA to come here as our father's partner for the inspection of the assets.
We are stranded here since we are still under refugee statue and stranger in this country.
In fact,it is our humble prayer that the information I've given to you herein be accorded the necessary attention, urgency as well as the secrecy it deserves.
Before the civil war in our country,the injustice,violation of the rights of others out of hatred unjust unfair action and treatment with the minority tribe,and for the fear of this horrors experience which leads to my fathers death and with the political situations in our country please we need your help.
Thank for your anticipated co-operation, May God bless you.
Your Sincerely,
Essah family

Sumpah aku mau pecaya. Apa kaitan aku dengan kau essah? Babi la.

Dalam Otak Aku Sekarang

Dalam otak aku sekarang ada macam-macam. Macam-macam aku pikir. Tapi walaupun macam-macam matlamat tetap satu. Matlamat yang selama ini memang aku mau buat.

Sebenarnya matlamat itu adalah aku mahukan side income. Ya side income. Tapi bila balik-balik aku fikirkan masalah tetap sama. Tetap kembali kepada masalah itu.

Apa sebenarnya masalah itu?



Baru. Itu lah yang aku ingin katakan. Baru ni boleh membuat seseorang jadi gembira, sedih, hairan dan macam-macam lagi. Maklum la baru ni boleh jadi benda baik atau tidak baik.

Contoh kepada benda yang tidak baik ialah bini baru. Sensetif gila kalau orang yang sudah kawin di kaitkan dengan bini baru yang bermaksud bini nombor 2. Hahahahahahahahaha. Contoh kepada benda baik ialah kereta baru. Kalau ini mesti hati jadi senang. Senyum pun tidak lekang dari bibir. Nak tidur pun susah. Maklum lah dapat kereta baru.

Jadi di sini bolehlah di simpulkan bahawa aku ada kereta baru. Sekian terima kasih.